The Hope Unity and Freedom Center is a diverse team of professionals providing psychosocial day support to male and female adults with a primary mental health diagnosis, dual diagnosis, and/or a coexisting disorder; such as substance abuse. All social workers are Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) & Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP). Our work helps to decrease psychiatric hospitalization and provide stabilization of individuals with less intervention in the community. By providing daily routine and structure in a safe environment each individual is able to achieve his/her best and improve his/her quality of life.

With our multiple facilities, The HUF Center has been able to reach out to many adults who demonstrate a need for psychosocial day support services. Our staff includes licensed clinical social workers with a combined total of over 20 years of experience. This includes program nurses, management, and staff. The HUF Center is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.


“Hope, Unity and Freedom, LLC is a day operated facility supporting the needs of adults who demonstrate a need for psychosocial day support services due to existing mental, behavioral and/or emotional illnesses that prohibit or impede the adult’s ability to live independently. We will create an atmosphere in which care, education and possibilities are imperative, while providing our clients the opportunity to have positive and productive lives.”


To enhance the mental, emotional, and physical functioning of the people living in psychiatric distress.


Co-Founder & Owner of the H.U.F. Center.

James Webber co-founded the Hope, Unity, and Freedom Center with Jo Ann Kistner in 2004. Mr. Webber is a native of Richmond, Virginia, former member of the United States armed forces, and former employee of Mid-West Veco. Mr. Webber and Jo Ann Kistner collaborated in developing a Community Based Behavioral Health Psycho-Social Program due to their desires and interest to create a program that would improve the quality of life for persons suffering with severe mental illness.

Mr. Webber received a B.S degree in Networking Technology from ECPI, Richmond, VA. Mr. Webber’s professional background, experience, and leadership skills has been integral in ensuring that the employee’s and members served at the H.U.F. Center are receiving the highest quality health care services. Mr. Webber has been a visible leader who has displayed a great compassion for the clients and the community it serves.


Co-Founder & Owner of the H.U.F. Center.