Description of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Services

The goal of Hope, Unity, and Freedom is to provide comprehensive psycho-social treatment interventions to enhance the mental, emotional and physical functioning of participants living in psychiatric distress. The Outpatient Group Facilitators utilize psychosocial skills groups and structured activities that foster building and maintaining appropriate relationships with peers. Community awareness groups in the H.U.F. facility and weekly community integration outings are provided for participants to increase their level of functioning and encourage them to improve their quality of life. Participants also have the opportunity to strengthen their occupational skills by participating on the Clerical, Environmental Services or Information Technology Team.

Participants will develop and improve their self awareness, insight, reasoning, judgment, impulse control and personal motivation necessary to perform basic life activities independently by receiving increased structure, staff/peer support, group and individual counseling services.

Levels of Functioning

The psychosocial skill groups are divided into three separate categories to address participants’ level of functioning. The participants are not required to remain in the same level group for each type of skills group, as some participants are higher functioning in social skills compared to living skills.

Level I groups are primarily for lower functioning participants that need assistance with managing daily living skills so they are frequently encouraged, re-directed and given short, concrete instructions to complete a task. The participants are challenged by working on short task oriented goals that can lead to longer projects.

Level II groups are moderately functioning and require some assistance, but strive for independence. Their groups give them an opportunity for autonomy and teambuilding by challenging them to work on goals that require the ability to process new information by combining hands on activities with discussions.

Level III groups are designed for participants that function independently. Participants gain more from group discussions and goal oriented activities. They are given more choices on how they would like to reach the goal of the group to help increase independent thinking and decision making skills. Group goals in a specific area may require multiple groups to complete and help fulfill personal and social needs. The description of program services will address the psychosocial needs of the participants by providing the following groups, structured activities and interventions.