April Hughes

I’m the Program Manager at the Richmond H.U.F. Center.


April has a bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Norfolk State University in Norfolk Virginia, Master’s in Management from Cambridge College located in Boston Massachusetts and a Master’s in social work from the University of New England located in Biddeford Maine. She currently is recognized as a Qualified Mental Health Professional in the state of Virginia, working with individuals living with mental illness. Discovering her passion April has dedicated her time and passion to serve individuals with mental illness. Also continuing her education and research to seek out improved ways to better service individuals with mental illnesses. April has spent 15 years as a Community Based Counselor working with individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring diagnosis.

April displays leadership abilities and as a Program Manager, is dedicated to and responsible for the overall functioning of the Richmond location. She takes pride in working with her team to ensure the members needs are met through collaboration with other Mental Health Professionals and community entities. She is passionate about enhancing the quality of life for individuals that live with mental illness.

April is looking forward to continuing to guide this population and those professionals working with this population to ensure the delivery of quality psychosocial rehabilitation services. It is April’s own personal philosophy that suggest “People need to feel they can trust social workers for guidance, support, learning, direction, and well-being through transitions of one’s life and experiences.”