Community Awareness & Integration

The Community Awareness and Integration group strives to enhance the development of personal judgment and reasoning regarding appropriate and safe behavior in the public community.  This is accomplished by exposing participants to various community resources including but not limited to public libraries, grocery stores, parks, shopping malls, movies, bowling, plays and festivals. This allows participants to learn and implement skills in the community with the assistance of trained professionals who understand the needs of each individual. Community Awareness and Integration skills include self-awareness, behavioral management, coping skills, respecting personal boundaries, following directions, money management, and socialization with peers in different environments. Community Integration outings occur on a weekly basis to allow participants a consistent opportunity to have new experiences and increase their level of comfort in public settings while displaying appropriate behavior.

The H.U.F. Staff are responsible for encouraging, prompting and redirecting the participants to be aware of their clinical goals, barriers to treatment as well as skills learned in Mental Health, Social, Life, Health & Occupational Skills Groups prior to participating community integration outings.  Participants also agree to follow H.U.F. Center rules & regulations while in the community for their safety and the well being of others.