Social Skills Group

The goal of the Social Skills groups is for participants to develop healthy social habits to optimize their capabilities in their residences as well as in the community. H.U.F. staff encourage participants to build and maintain friendships with peers by focusing on various topics such as increasing communication skills, respecting others, being considerate of others’ feelings and building trust. These skills are strengthened during structured activities such as Getting to Know You Icebreakers, Karaoke Competition, H.U.F. Olympics, Theme Dances, Card Tournaments and other group games. Social Skills group offers training in problem solving skills to aid participants in understanding how to effectively manage anger, compromising, conflict resolution and utilizing coping skills in effort to reduce the likelihood of verbal/physical altercations.

Social Skills Groups improve participants’ judgment by increasing boundary awareness to respect the personal space of others while interacting appropriately with them in a positive manner. Participants also learn how their mental health diagnoses affect their socialization. Participants receive assistance with incorporating life and coping skills into daily living to improve socialization with peers and community figures through the use of role play, modeling appropriate behavior, group discussion, and team building exercises.