Occupational Skills Group

The Occupational Skills Group allows participants to explore untapped skills and abilities which may be beneficial in a vocation or volunteer position. The group provides a variety of pre-vocational services designed to assist participants in developing and improving occupational skills such as job searches, completing employment applications, resume writing, mock interviews, and learning the appropriate business attire for interviews as well as what to wear for various professions. Participants will explore job readiness for employment and the development of the motivation, impulse control, judgment, and interpersonal skills necessary for successfully maintaining employment. This group will also assist the participant in exploring career interest. The H.U.F. Staff facilitate structured activities to assist with increasing knowledge and skills in following directions, attention to detail, task completion, problem solving, safety, productivity, and social relationships. The group helps develop skills which can be used in an occupational or domestic capacity.
The Occupational Skills Group includes several programs listed below that participants can join to increase their knowledge & skills in administrative, environmental or information technology.

Clerical Work Program

Participants will be developing employment skills in accepting incoming calls in a pleasant/professional tone, placing calls on hold to alert the appropriate staff/peer and taking detailed messages. They will also have the opportunity to assist with copying, faxing, distributing activities to peers and organizing the front desk/peer phone area.

Environmental Services Program

Participants will be developing employment skills in basic office and building maintenance to include: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping down tables/chairs and dumping trash with the assistance of staff. They will also have the opportunity to pick up/dispose of litter around their center, assist with grounds upkeep and provides basic landscaping such as planting flowers and weeding flowerbeds.

Information Technology Program

Participants will be developing employment skills in basic knowledge of the working use of the computer by learning to type with proper hand placement, typing documents, printing and web searches. The 2nd level of this tract will include use of various software programs such as MS Excel and Power Point in addition to advance internet skills.