I’m the Executive Director at the H.U.F. Center.

Randy Wilson is the Executive Director of the Hope, Unity & Freedom Center where he oversees all administrative and clinical functions. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Public Policies and Community Services from Emory & Henry College. He began pursuing his Master’s of Science Degree in Psychology at Virginia State University and graduated from the University of Phoenix.

Randy serves as the Executive Board Member for Senior Connections (The Capitol Area Agency on Aging), is an active member of the Urban League for Young Professionals, interns with the Virginia General Assembly Office for the House of Delegates, a certified trainer in Handle with Care Behavior Restraint Techniques and a member of the Bonner & Americorp-Programs of Virginia.

Randy was also a recipient of Style Weekly’s Magazine’s Top 40 professionals under 40 in 2010 and is a proven leader in working with the mental health population across the state of Virginia.

Randy leads the management team’s efforts to coordinate and enhance social skills, community skills, life skills, occupational development and the overall mental health of the organizations’ participants. He is also responsible for maintaining compliance and effective communication with all licensing and funding authorities. He oversees the Human Resources department by ensuring proper management of personnel files, fiscal management of program operations as well as the development of new policies & procedures.

Randy is a leader in researching creative and innovative strategies to assist the H.U.F. Center in its daily mission of enhancing the mental, emotional and physical functioning of the people living serious mental illnesses. Randy utilizes his wealth of knowledge in community based services by providing educational materials and ongoing staff trainings in order to enhance their knowledge of DSMV diagnoses and other related issues. He also works diligently to building and maintain strong working relationships with community service providers.