I’m the Management Professional at the H.U.F. Center.

DaShondra Charles serves as the Program Development Coordinator for the Hope, Unity, Freedom Center. She is a Resident in Counseling, currently working towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling from Adams State University and her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from Ashford University. She has over 9 years of experience working with individuals experiencing a crisis and/or suffering from a mental health/behavioral disability. DaShondra has had an array of experience including; completion of psychosocial assessments, providing individual and family counseling in various settings, supervision of mental health staff, parent coaching, and development and delivery of mental health related training. She believes that individuals living with a disability have the potential to make amazing contributions to society if they have effective training, support, and encouragement. It is this philosophy coupled with her experience in developing and rejuvenating mental health/counseling programs that she uses as the Program Development Coordinator for the HUF Center.

DaShondra is responsible for Program Development across all 5 HUF Center locations. She assists with the development & implementation of clinical services including structure and program development as well as developing and conducting new hire, annual, and ongoing staff trainings. Her training and program development expertise allows the HUF Center to continue providing a high quality program to its members. She also offers clinical supervision to case management staff, and fosters relationships with community members through conducting psychosocial assessments and overseeing the admission process for those members. DaShondra couples her clinical skills with her ability to foster relationships in the community by conducting assessments and overseeing the admission process for those clients. Additionally DaShondra supports the Clinical Director with a wide array of tasks in an effort to ensure clinical compliance across all 5 sites.

DaShondra enjoys working alongside the HUF Center’s members as they work towards their goals, conducting psychoeducational and diagnosis specific therapeutic groups, and offering encouragement and support during the member’s times of crisis. In providing training to staff, improving the therapeutic offerings of the programs, and engaging in 1:1 coaching sessions with staff DaShondra is able to use her passion for the mental health field to improve the quality of services that each of the HUF Center’s members receives.