Matthew Melvin, MA.Ed

I’m the Program Manager at the Richmond H.U.F. Center.

Matthew Melvin serves as the Program Manager for the Hope Unity and Freedom Center located in Richmond, Virginia. Matthew is responsible for managing all aspects of the HUF Center’s Psychosocial Day Support program for adults with a primary mental health diagnosis, dual diagnosis, and/or a coexisting disorder.

Matthew completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Later, Matthew completed his Masters in Education & Human Development at The George Washington University. Matthew has completed certifications in Six Sigma and applies the methodologies to his work as a Business Coach and Consultant. Matthew has served as a Counselor, Case Manager, and Program Manager within the Mental Health field for several years and started Coaching Forge Inc. in hopes to reach others in need of guidance through life coaching. Prior to becoming the Program Manager in Richmond, Matthew served as the Sr. Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for the City of Newport News. Matthew empowers others to reach their full potential through a communicative partnership centered on the individual and their interavtions in the community. Matthew enjoys working diligently in his community through community service, and endeavors to enhance the community with his time and talents. Matthew serves as the Chairman of the Human Services Advisory Board and Vice Chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals for the City of Newport News. Additionally, Matthew is a member of the Delta Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, INC.

Matthew focuses on teambuilding and empowering staff through effective leadership and creating new venues for communication. In his capacity, Matthew works to continuously develop programs that engage the HUF family participants. As Program Manager, Matthew challenges the staff to not only meet but to exceed the goals set by themselves and the company. The combination of his experiences and his future plans for the HUF Center make for a promising opportunity for growth and development.

Matthew is determined to uphold the legacy of leadership left for him and aims to improve the success of the Hope Unity Freedom Center through dedication to the needs of the clients. With the focus being on the clients’ objectives for personal satisfaction and growth, Matthew knows that the HUF Center will reach its goals as well.